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2014-05-23 - Adoption Shirt Final

I am Rachel (Wilkes) Marek, owner of RW Marketing & Design.  I love all things local from the food I eat to stores I frequent.  If it is possible to spend my dollar supporting my neighbors, I will make that choice every time.  My personal belief is that the principal obstacle between small businesses being able to compete against the big box stores is marketing.  It is my goal to market small companies as well as reveal my small business finds to the community.  I hope that you will join me in my journey by either supporting local or allowing me to serve your business.

Ackermann Law Firm Conference Stickers

Custom Stickers for a conference giveaway.

Digital Signatures

I can create for you Vector signatures for signing online, in printed customer letters, checks, Newsletters, etc.  Just send me a clean copy of your signature that you like and I will take care of the rest.

Blooms Grommet Fan Brochure

Custom designed unique formats to gain trust and impress your clients.  Following production, this piece became an every day work essential for the Blooms Salesmen to properly describe their service with clear illustrations.  Then they could leave the beautiful flyer...

Your website is one of the most important tools that you have in marketing yourself.  RW Marketing & Design will help you map out a logical site map, take photos to accentuate your business, and design a site around your wants and needs.  Once web sites are designed, maintenance can be performed or or training can be provided.  If you so desire, I want to teach you how to update your website. It is ALWAYS my goal to keep the keys to your business in your hands.